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Financial Planning Position Statement

Financial Planning Position Statement

  • We help people achieve clarity and wisdom regarding their current and future financial circumstances.
  • Then we help you execute and manage an action plan that will address your present concerns and fulfill your vision of the future.
  • This process will help provide a measure of confidence and liberate you to pursue the things that are most important to you in your life.
  • We provide confidence through the relationships that we build.
  • We provide leadership through the direction that we provide.
  • We demonstrate our creativity to help solve problems through the capability that we possess.

Our clients are responsible people with a real interest in achieving their financial goals.  We help them provide for their family's financial security, accumulate wealth and potentially reduce taxes, retire how and when they wish, design a satisfying estate conservation strategy and increase what business ownership may be able to do for them.

What we do for our clients as it relates to insurance.       

1.  Become an advocate looking for the suitable products to fit your needs.               

    Help provide you with a detailed understanding of the features, benefits and riders available to you to

    customize your policy, including:

               *When, why and how  

               *Which companies and products to use and why  

 2.  Keep you up to date with changes in the industry regarding companies, trends, products, features and benefits.

 3.  At the time of a claim, we will:

           * Contact the insurance company for you

           * Order a claim kit for you

           * Coordinate and monitor all paperwork for you (death certificates from funeral home; follow up 

              with company for status and any other requirements).

           * Work directly with your other advisors:

                 - Accountant, estate and probate attorney and bankers

           * Help continue the financial plan's execution.

                 - How to invest proceeds and why (income, college, pay of liabilities)

            * Help spouse through grieving process

                  - Make connections to appropriate support groups, hold survivor's hand throughout the

                    entire process, typically one to two years.