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How Can We Work Together?

Here are five different financial planning models.  Which one do you use?

1.  No Planning - The result can be devastating.  People who do no planning tend to live day by day and may lose control over their financial lives.  

2.  Occasional Planning - This keeps people one step behind where they should or could be.  This is oftentimes a "do it yourself" mindset.  It lacks understanding of the importance of having professional assistance.

3.  Needs Based Planning - This focuses on meeting needs such as saving for a house or retirement income.  This kind of planning takes place only when the need is present or obvious.

4.  Financial Planning - Focuses on trying to meet predetermined needs or goals.  The methodology planning fee involves substantial number-crunching and monitoring of mathematical variables such as interest rates, investment rates of return, inflation rates, income tax rates and future income needs (usually) over long periods of time.

5.  The Lifetime Financial Process - Seeks to protect your assets from being eroded by taxes, inflation, market fluctuation, fees, claims from creditors and other costs.  The main objective is to build assets without the limitations of predetermined needs or goals.