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Our Process

The Lifetime Financial Process

We use a lifetime financial process to help people achieve clarity and confidence.

1. Are We A Suitable Fit?

      Let's decide together.

2.  Discovery

      Let's identify your concerns, objectives and vision of the future.

3.  Clarity

      You will gain insight and focus on your present financial situation.

4.  Ideas & Wisdom

      Discuss what to do next and why.

5.  Implementation

      Together we discuss and establish an action/implementation plan.

6.  Coach Sessions

       Review, update and upgrade your plans and situation on an ongoing basis.

Are We A Suitable Fit?  The Relationship Qualifier

In almost every business district in every city in America, you can find firms that are willing to help you with your investment dollars.  Open up the phone book or search the internet and find page after page of company listings.  Investment Advisor. Investment Consultant. Wealth Manager. Stock Broker. What do they all mean and how do you possibly find the right person for you?

At Weyers McKeever Financial Partners, we take a different approach to determining your path towards investment management.  It begins with you, the client.

Too many agencies are focused on telling you how you are going to get there. We are focused on asking you, "Where would you like to go?"  Only once we have determined where we are going can we formulate the plan that may get us there.

Having said this, we are not for everyone.  Some people prefer to purchase products from several providers. Others have a transactional relationship with their broker or agent.  Others see the product as a commodity and do not place any value on additional services.  Finally some folks see themselves as "do-it-yourselfers" when it comes to searching for strategies to their financial goals and objectives.  Simply put, these types of people usually don't work with us.

Those that do work with us can take comfort in knowing that we take a team approach to investment management.  This approach ensures not only the constant monitoring of your portfolio but also live access to a team member when you have questions.  Our team members are not only familiar with your investments, but it's purpose as well.

Whether it is investing for retirement, your child's education or that vacation home, accomplishing the goal is our barometer of success. The investments that gets us there are but a means to the end.  When it comes to investment products however, you will find a variety of quality products.  From the most conservative of investors to the most aggressive of strategies, we will build the portfolio that is right for you.

Discovery: Our Team Approach to Financial Planning

Look at any book ever written about success and you will see they all have one topic in common: goal establishment. The successful pursuit of any goal involves writing it down, sharing your goal with others and finding someone to hold you accountable.

Financial planning is just that.  Establishing goals.  Writing them down. Sharing them with trusted partners.  Reviewing progress. Holding you accountable.

Nobody dreams of an unsuccessful retirement or plans to come up short with the money needed to send their children to college.  Yet, not everyone formulates a plan to help in the achievement of those same goals.

At Weyers McKeever Financial Partners, we have a team of committed professionals with the knowledge and experience necessary to help formulate your plan.  This step in the process is where we identify your dangers, opportunities and strengths during an open and free-flowing discussion.

It is during this step that we expose any weaknesses, reveal your true financial potential and measure the performance of your current situation.

This team approach to planning is one of our signature services as part of the Lifetime Financial Process.  Our plans are not just one individual’s thoughts on how to get from point A to point B.  They are born out of team planning sessions where multiple advisors strategize on various wats of approaching the same issue.

 Here is a list of some of the areas of planning we cover:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Retirement Accumulation Planning
  • Retirement Distribution Planning
  • Estate Plan Funding
  • Education Planning
  • Charitable Giving & Legacy Planning
  • Solutions for Business Owners
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning

This is an example of this step:

John and Jane Smith

The Discovery Experience

“Always seek knowledge, wisdom and understanding.” Proverbs

January 2009

Over the next three years, we plan to…

  1. Continue investing for Sean’s college education
  2. Have enough investments to fund Abby’s wedding
  3. Own one new investment property
  4. Be investing with the desired goal of retiring with sufficient assets to generate an annual income of $125,000
  5. Complete the following home improvements: New furniture for the living room an new driveway
  6. Vacation to Florida with the kids.

Strengths to maximize…

  1. Faith and good energy
  2. Ability to generate a good income
  3. Jane’s common sense and discipline
  4. Our own experience in investing money

Opportunities to capture…

  1. Running the business on leaner margins
  2. Asset base and current investment properties
  3. Inheritance

Dangers to overcome…

  1. Debt
  2. Jane’s health
  3. Investment portfolio not aligned with goals

Weyers McKeever Financial Partners

“Helping people achieve clarity and financial success.”


Clarity: Our Consultative Approach

 We do not go into any meeting with a preconceived set of assumptions. Everyone is different and their financial situation is just as different as they are.

 This step is our way of making sure that we are hearing you. We become knowledgeable about your current plans.  We seek first to understand before being understood.  If you don’t gain the sense that we are listening to you, we do not go beyond this step.

 It is during this step that we look in-depth at any dangers and/or concerns that you would like to alleviate. We will review your financial statements and documents.  We will ask proving questions and seek clarification in order to complete a detailed fact finder for your family and/or business.  We will gather all pertinent information for our in-depth analysis.  You will be a partner in this step as we will be turning to you for the most accurate data.


Ideas and Wisdom: The Next Steps

With your desires established, we analyze the best format for each idea and map out the step-by-step process of achieving your goals. You receive a detailed project plan with the options, investments, required resources and timing to take our best ideas forward.

We measure your current situation to the most appropriate benchmarks and look through a historical lens to determine whether or not your current planning will meet your goals. We look at which recommendations will have the most impact on your plans and explain why in language you can understand.


Implementation: Your Own Personalized Success Strategy

With the Ideas and Wisdom Delivery underway, it is essential to develop a clear strategy that will support your financial situation moving forward. You will receive a specialized plan for each of your goals that will help you stay on track and make the necessary course corrections along the way.

Based on the direction charted, we project each idea you have chosen to execute into a proposed path and plan. Your participation is tailored to leverage your strengths and those of our existing team.  Appropriate resources are assigned and coordinated and the whole process is tightly managed to successfully produce your desired financial result.


Coach Sessions: 13 Wealth Management Issues


As we work together, we explore new issues over the years. We oftentimes describe this as visiting both the “perceived” and “unperceived” needs that people have. The majority of our clients deal with several of these issues at some point in life. 



1. Investments

Expectations of income, tolerance for risk, time horizons, income tax, portfolio constraints, attitude toward communication and liquidity needs

2. Insurance

Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Liability (types, premium, ownership and beneficiary of each policy), Health

3. Liability

Amount, terms, whom owed to – review earned income

4. Qualified Retirement Plan/IRA

Contributions, retirement date, income needed, distribution plan and designated beneficiary at death

5. Stock Options

Type, vesting and exercise plan 

6. Business Successions

Pre and Post death 

7. Durable Power of Attorney

Has this been prepared by your attorney?

8. Gifting to Children/Descendants

History and plans 

9. Charitable Giving During Life

History and plans 

10. Titling of Assets

Joint Tenants in Common, Joint Tenant with Rights of Survivorship

11. Executor/Trustee

Individual vs. Trust Company, determine with the help of your attorney

12. Distribution of Wealth Plan to Spouse and/or Descendants


13. Charitable Inclinations at Death