About Weyers McKeever Financial Partners

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At Weyers McKeever Financial Partners, we believe our teamwork approach adds a broader perspective to all we do and provides increased benefits to our clients.

Born out of distinctly different industries, Jay and Carrie Weyers combined their unique talents. In 2000, Jay's award-winning career at Thrivent Financial for Lutherans created a need for additional client services and Carrie left the food industry to manage his office. In 2003, they joined New England Financial and continued a rewarding practice helping people achieve their financial goals. Jay and Carrie have come to recognize that their own individual skill sets complement each other and provide quality service for their clients. In 2008, they began a new chapter in their professional lives by establishing Weyers Financial Partners.

Jay and Carrie have always emphasized helping people above all, and their example has contributed to the evolution of a whole new way of working with people within the financial services industry.

In 2009, Scott McKeever joined Jay and Carrie in their agency, bringing an extensive securities background derived from working at New England Financial, LaSalle Bank, Bank of America and First Midwest Bank.

Joining forces has allowed them to blend their complimentary talents to genuinely help people in rich personal and meaningful financial ways. To honor the partnership, they are now known as Weyers McKeever Financial Partners.

In 2013, Kasey Cacciottolo came on board to provide administrative support. She works evenings to help the team keep up with the requirements of the growing business.  

The business expanded westward to the Rochelle area when a partnership began with John Schinzer in 2013.  John's long and outstanding career in the financial services business where his value of putting clients first made his addition to the team an easy one.  As John eased out of the business, the relationship with his beloved community and friendships he has fostered continues as he assumed the role of Business Development in Rochelle, IL.

In 2015, Jay, Scott and Carrie joined National Life Group and Equity Services, Inc. And, in August of 2017 started an affiliation with Lake Shore Financial Group based in Chicago, Illinois.

In 2018, Jennifer Yearous was contracted through Lakeshore Financial Group to help with case design.  She lives in the Seattle, WA area, but with the wonderful world of technology, works directly with Jay and Scott as they work on individual cases.

Also in 2018, the team brought on a Director of Marketing, who later transitioned out of the team. 

In 2021 the team added Maggie Gomez as an Adminsitrative Assistant and Candy Carrasco took on a new position as our Marketing Coordinator to assist the Marketing Director.

Through the years, the team has come to realize that the process people need to become financially well-organized has become challenging and daunting. Our focus is to take the process and make it as simple and yes, as enjoyable as possible.

Jay has the ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and relevant manner.  He has a keen ability to meet people where they are in terms of their level of understanding and comprehension, as well as to relate to clients in an authentic and genuine way.

Carrie has the ability to make order out of chaos. She has a unique gift with her ability to organize financial statements and documents for presentations. This contributes to ongoing order and ease of access for clients.

Scott adds experience on the team in the investment realm. His ability to work cohesively with our vendors and clients makes him uniquely able to design an investment plan that is tailor-made for the client.

Kasey keeps Carrie sane by taking on the projects that are rote and repetitive.  She knows a multitude of software programs and during the day manages a successful law office so the quiet office in the evening is appealing to her.  Kasey's work ethic and attention to detail are seen every day even though she is not.

John is a native to the Ashton/Rochelle and counts everyone he meets as a friend.  His love for people and how he treats all with dignity and grace are a wonderful example of how to be “a good and faithful servant' of God.

Jennifer's passion and decade of experience working with financial advisors all over the country give her a unique perspective as an important sounding board and helpmate to Jay and Scott. 

Maggie has previous experience in the Financial Services industry and is a great asset to Carrie in keeping the business running smoothly. 

Candy has the skill to listen to what the community needs and provides us with insighful information.