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My journey to where I am today

I have had many titles and roles in my adult life and worn a lot of different “hats.” 


Working in a business where relationships are key makes sense to me.  Did I ever think that I would be an owner of my own business?  NO!  Did I ever think that I would be working side by side with my husband in this business for over twenty years?  NO!  My journey to this point in my life has been a crooked yet enjoyable path.


I grew up in Rochester, MN, home of the Mayo Clinic.  My father was a physician on the clinic staff and in the summers during college I worked at Mayo doing electrocardiograms.  “Breasts and chests all summer long!”  Even though I was exposed to medicine, it was not a career path I wanted as I hate the sight of blood.  I loved anatomy and science and did get a BA in Biology and Secondary Education.


Jay and I married right out of college and moved to Idaho.  One of the three “I” states we’ve lived in and guess what?  There were no science teacher jobs open back in 1982 in eastern Idaho where we lived.  I worked at a motel as a front desk clerk.  Jay was promoted and we moved to Boise, ID.  I worked for a neighbor who had an advertising business.  I sold ads to local radio and television stations. We were able to see a lot of concerts as that was a stop for a lot of artists.


Emily, our little spud, was born in Boise and being so far away from our families was difficult for me. Jay loved me so much that we moved back to the Midwest.  Samuel, our Hawkeye, was born in Iowa, the second of the “I” states we’ve lived in.


I worked at a local community college in the science department (using that college degree!) where I set up all the labs for the biology, microbiology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics courses. 


Another job promotion for Jay and we move to central Illinois, the third “I” state. I was able to be a full-time mom the three years we were there and another job transfer for Jay BACK to the Quad Cities, Iowa side.  I get my job back at the community college! 


Another job transfer, this time to Chicago.  Oh my goodness!  Where do we even start looking for a community to live in?  Narrowed it down to Crystal Lake as Jay had a business friend who lives there.  We moved in 1994 and are still in the same home.


Moving to the Chicago area also provided an opportunity for me to check a box off my bucket list.  I went to culinary school at a local community college and made human food instead of concocting toxic solutions in a chemistry lab.  I worked at a local country club, Motorola, and managed a deli in an office complex.


Jay had a job change once we moved to Chicago.  He started in financial services and got to a point where he needed administrative help in his business.  I was managing the deli at that point and through that experience found out that I am a great worker bee but did not enjoy managing a deli. I knew that I would be able to learn the insurance and investment business and be good helpmate to Jay. 


Here I am, almost 22 years in this business.  Jay jokes that I am a renaissance woman because I have done a lot of different things.  The common thread for me is service and community, both of which tie into my faith. 


My firm foundation is my Christian faith.  I grew up knowing Jesus and that has molded me in so many ways-  how I love people and treat others with dignity; how I want to be a champion for others and how my interactions with all mimics how I want to be treated. 


I do need to comment on my favorite hat of all.  That would be an umbrella hat that covers FAMILY, Jay, our kids, their spouses and precious grandchildren. 


Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck