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eMoney: Your Vision

We believe that the best financial plan is a comprehensive financial plan that integrates all aspects of your life and gives you a big picture view. eMoney Advisor is the Holistic Planning model and software program that we embrace and have been using with our clients for many years.

eMoney allows you, our client partner, access to your financial data 24/7. It is holistic and allows you and/or us to add your financial data that we don't manage into the program for a consolidated view of your financial life. The software is continually updated and current if there is a link between the software and the financial company. (More companies are being added to this platform each day.)

Wouldn't it be a time saver for you to have only one place to look to find out the balance and activity of your financial accounts? Wouldn't it be convenient for you to have an icon on your smart phone to check your own secure eMoney website whenever you desire?

Please see below for how to create your own client website with Weyers McKeever Financial Partners and eMoney Advisors. We will walk through each step to set this up with you, just as we do with your financial life.

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If you need to set up an account, please contact us to email you instructions.

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