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Working With Us

Our Process

At Weyers and McKeever Financial Partners, we follow the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ process of financial planning.

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Our Approach

We believe that the best financial plan is a comprehensive financial plan. Our approach takes a look at all aspects of your financial life.

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Value Creation

Our leadership, creativity, and collaborative client and team process helps our clients build confidence and clarity.

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How Can We Work Together

We work with you to choose the financial planning model that works best for you.

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Financial Planning Menu Of Services

Weyers McKeever Financial Partners provides a variety of financial planning services. Your financial advisor will work with you to determine which is best for your unique circumstances.

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The Building Blocks

At Weyers McKeever Financial Partners, our financial advisors use a holistic approach, comprehensive financial planning, and strategic asset and wealth management processes

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How We Work With Business Owners

As holistic financial planners, we look at the big picture. We want to be sure that both your business and your family are protected.

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How We Work With CPAs

Financial Advisors and CPAs are complementary professions who both play a part in overall financial planning.

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Products & Services

We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

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