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How We Work With CPAs

Through our affiliation with National Life Group® we are proud to offer the CPA Advantage® Program.

Financial Advisors and CPAs are complementary professions who both play a part in overall financial planning.

CPA Advantage® is a detailed program, with proven processes, to help CPAs and financial professionals build trusting relationships and provide value added services.

We believe that by partnering our services, we can help CPAs broaden the scope of services they offer and provide their clients with advanced planning strategies and solutions.

Establishing the right relationship can be a win-win for both parties.

The best way to learn about this opportunity is to attend our CPA Symposium with us.

There you will discover an innovative approach to helping clients meet their financial goals and objectives.

The Symposium is held twice a year in June and November and is designed for CPAs to earn 8-14 CPE credits.

Those who have attended the CPA Symposium have found the experience to be transformational for their businesses and for their clients.

If you are a CPA, please contact us to learn more about how you can be our guest and join us at the next Symposium.



Why work with us?

We believe CPAs choose to work with Weyers McKeever Financial Partners because of our professionalism, open communication, and collaborative approach.

What this means to the CPAs is that they are able to add an additional benefit to their clients, allowing them to be more valuable, to differentiate themselves from other CPAs, and ultimately, they are able to provide much better service to their clients.*

What this means to the client is that they get holistic tax and financial service, comprehensive strategies, and synergistic solutions that allow them to be fully prepared and integrated in their personal and business finances.*

The real benefit for the CPA is that Weyers McKeever Financial Partners allows CPAs to retain their role as a trusted advisor with the added benefit of additional team members who work together and follow through with comprehensive planning aspects so that all parties are well informed and prepared.

The real benefit for the clients is that they can have the knowledge that their taxes and financial plans are working toward their personal and business goals.

*The Growth Through Partnership - CPA Advantage TC111430(1219)3 booklet explains this in more detail.

We provide CPE Seminars for CPAs and can come to your location.

These seminars for CPAs present technical information in an educational and conversational manner. Each seminar is designed one hour of CPE credit unless otherwise noted. Seminar offerings are listed here, but are subject to change.

  1. Qualified Plans and Life Insurance 
  2. SEPs and SIMPLE-IRA Plans 
  3. Defined Benefit Plans
  4. Considering Buy-Sell
  5. Qualified Distribution Planning
  6. Creative Solutions for Today's Successful Business Owners 
  7. Qualified Plans & Section 199A: Turning Tax Losers into Tax Winners 
  8. Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plans - Defined Contribution Plans 
  9. Executive Benefits
  10. Split Dollar Arrangements
  11. Estate Planning - Basic Estate Planning
  12. Estate Planning - The Estate Tax
  13. Estate Planning 0 Estate Planning with Life Insurance
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